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Episode#48: The Predator

September 18, 2018

Welcome boys and girls to yet another podcast!!!  Today Mike and Matt talk about a giant mess of a movie, The Predator directed by Shane Black.  The guys stay fairly on topic for this one and basically rip this film apart.  This movie is just flat out all over the place.  Matt talks a bit about the many reshoots and controversies surrounding this movie while Mike just listens.  He was really tired so we will let it slide this time.  The guys also discuss the original Predator from 1987 and how much better it is, (if you want to hear more go back and listen to our Legacy cast on it Episode #21) sleep or lack of, the Android operating system, the Terminator, and lastly K2SO from Rogue One.

Matt and Mike had a ton of issues with this film but it was still fun.  If you are not a diehard Predator fan like they are wait until this one comes out on Netflix or Redbox.  It is just all over the place with tons of plot holes and parts of the film that are just flat out strange.  We have that rare occurrence when the guys agree on a rating both Mike and Matt give The Predator 2.5 out of 5 Reels.

Like always thank you listening and spreading the word about our podcast to help us grow!  Coming up on Thursday the guys review a fun horror film? comedy? both?  Who knows we will all find out when the guys discuss and review Tucker & Dale vs Evil.  Talk at you then!

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