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Episode #61: Harvest Horror Fest - Cabin in the Woods

November 1, 2018

Well listeners we are sorry to say but the end is here but man is it an amazing end!  For the final episode of Harvest Horror Fest 2018 your hosts Mike and Matt discuss the comedy horror flick Cabin in the Woods.  This is one of our longer episodes but sit tight it is fun and worth a listen.  Topics include Marvel, horror tropes, Joss Whedon, Thor, Signals AZ, and we have more than 4 listeners?  How did that happen?

Cabin in the Woods is a near perfect blend of two genres.  It is fun, dramatic, and exciting to name a few.  The acting is stellar especially the little known actors that star in this film.  The story is really where Cabin in the Woods shines though.  This is a must watch film for everyone.  Mike really enjoyed it and awards the movie a near perfect score with 4.5 out of 5 Reels.  Matt truly loves Cabin in the Woods even though he is not a huge horror movie guy.  He drops the elusive perfect score with 5 out of 5 Reels!  Seriously if you have not seen Cabin in the Woods do yourself a favor and watch it.

Just a reminder listeners the coming week or two might be a little light on the podcast front.  Mike is having a lot of life things happening that I guess are more important than watching movies.  Matt will also be busy with regular work and the NAZ Suns 2018-19 season starting but he is going to try his hardest to record a few shows solo or with some special guests.  Thanks for tuning in and we hope you enjoyed Harvest Horror Fest!  We did so expect it to become an annual event.  Have a great weekend and welcome to November!

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