Reel Film Nerds

Episode #47: Legacy – Ghostbusters (1984)

September 13, 2018

Hey kids and welcome to your last Reel Film Nerds pod of the week!  We have an incredible Legacy cast for you today!  It is a bit long but it is totally worth the extra 20 minutes or so.  The one the only, well should be the only, Ghostbusters!  Matt cannot say enough about this movie.  It is one of his favorites, definitely top 5.  Mysterious Mike also really likes this film from start to finish!  The guys talk a ton about Ghostbusters trivia, John Candy, John Belushi, the not so great 2016 remake, and a little off topic The Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon TV shows.  Lastly the guys discuss what’s coming up in October the first ever Reel Film Nerds Harvest Horror Fest!   

Mike and Matt both love Ghostbusters more than words can express, well at least Matt does.  He gives us his first perfect score!  It only took 47 episodes, but he has done it Matt gives Ghostbusters a perfect 5 out of 5 Reels!  Mike loves this film but for some reason is not as awesome as Matt and only gives it 4.5 out of 5 Reels.  Seriously Mike?  WTF?  Wait is that still a thing?  I don’t care I am using it!

Next Tuesday the guys talk about a controversial film well it is controversial now, The Predator.  They will try to explain all the controversy surrounding it and while Edward James Olmos was cut completely out!  For Tuesday the guys continue their drive towards Harvest Horror Fest with a Legacy cast of the comedy horror film Tucker and Dale vs Evil.  Don’t forget episode 50th is nipping at our heals and we still are looking for some suggestions so email us!  Should we do a neat review, give something away, or just not have a 50 episode and skip straight to 51?  Thanks again for listening to us and chat at you Tuesday!

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